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The Fastest and Lowest Cost Cross-Chain Bridge

Bridge your cryptocurrency assets between networks, with the Narni cross-chain bridge

Liquidity Providers
Average Tx Time
Average Cost
10x Cheaper, 10x Faster . . .
The Umbria Narni Bridge uses a novel liquidity-provision protocol, to speed up, and lower the cost of cross-chain bridging.

The bridge facilitates cross-chain migration of assets by holding multiple assets on multiple chains, simultaneously, in liquidity pools. Unlike traditional cross-chain bridges, the Umbria Narni bridge is able to facilitate cross-chain transactions by receiving assets on one chain, and giving the respective asset on the destination chain.

The Umbria Narni bridge is different to other cross-chain bridges, because it does not rely on validator smart contracts, which can dramatically slow the bridging process. By removing the necessity for such validation, the Umbria Narni bridge can complete cross-chain transactions with an order of magnitude cheaper fees.

Available Bridge Assets
You can bridge the following assets across the following cryptocurrency networks, using the Umbria Narni Bridge
polygon logo POLYGON MAINNET
ethereum logo  ETHEREUM MAINNET
binance smart chain logoBINANCE SMART CHAIN
avalanche logoAVALANCHE
fantom logoFANTOM
arbitrum logoARBITRUM
optimism logoOPTIMISM

If there are any crypto assets / chains you would like to see available on the Narni Bridge. Request them here

Bridge Widget for Other Projects
Integrate a seemless bridging experience into your website, enabling your users to easily migrate their assets to the correct chain.
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Popular Bridge Assets
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token logo usdt tether usd
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token logo umbr umbria
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token logo wbtc wrapped bitcoin
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) WBTC
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Our Partners
Umbria is teaming up with industry leaders, including some of the greatest DeFi and NFT platforms, to provide the fastest and lowest cost cross-chain transactions, in the cryptocurrency space.