Learn about the core concepts and vision of the Umbria DeFi protocol. AMM, Swapping, Pooling, Bridging and much more.
Decentralised Exchange
Trade your cryptocurrency assets completely on-chain using the Umbria exchange hosted on the Polygon network.
Learn how to earn even more value in UMBR by staking your liquidity provision tokens (LP Tokens) after you provide liquidity to the Umbria exchange.
Cross-Chain Bridge
Learn how to leverage Umbria's interoporability and seamlessly migrate your assets from one cryptocurrency network to another, extremely cheaply and quickly.
Bridge Widget V2
Add the Umbria Bridge Widget to your Website and earn 0.1% of its bridging volume as a referral reward
Bridge API
Integrate with the Umbria Narni bridge into your application to take advantage of seamless cross-chain bridging

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t initiate a bridge transfer. It says "insufficient gas".

You need to hold some of the native asset from the starting network in your wallet. For example if you are bridging from Ethereum Mainnet, you must have some ETH in your wallet. When bridging from the Polygon network, you need some MATIC in your wallet to pay for the network transaction fee.

The bridge transfer was successful, but I cannot see my funds.

Make sure you are tracking your asset in your metamask wallet. See this guide

What is the bridge fee structure?

The bridge takes a flat fee of 0.5% + 1 USD of the token you are bridging.

How do I speed up a slow transaction?

If you speed up your transaction in your Metamask wallet, the bridge will not be able to track the transaction. This is because a "sped up transaction" is actually a brand new transaction, which the bridge front end has no idea about. You can overwrite any transaction by sending 0 ETH to yourself, using the same nonce as the transaction you sent to the bridge. See this guide

My transaction has been "pending" in my Metamask wallet for a long time.

If your metamask transaction has been pending for a while, there has probably been an increase in network congestion since you initiated your transaction. You can either wait, or overwrite your transaction by following the steps in this guide, and then initiating a new bridge transaction.

Is there a minimum lockup period for my liquidity?

Currently, no. You are free to stake and unstake your liquidity as many times as you like, without penalty. However, you will have to pay the gas fee to send yoru liquidity back to your wallet.

What are the fees for staking an asset in the pool?

There aren't any. You will just have to pay the gas fee to send your liquidity to the bridge address.

What are the fees for unstaking an asset in the pool?

You will have to pay the gas fee to send your assets back to your wallet. This fee is taking from the final balance that is sent back to you. There is also a $1 fee which is taken in case sudden network congestion is experienced which would result in another transaction being broadcasted to the network.

I can't connect to the pool to stake/unstake?

You must ensure that you have Metamask installed as an extension to the browser you are using to connect to the staking pool page - and that no other wallet extensions are currently enabled.

How is the pool APY calculated?

The APY is calculated based on a rolling average formula which is calculated once per hour.

The displayed pool APY is different to my earned rewards.

Sometimes there is a sudden spike in bridge traffic which skews the APY calculation temporarily.

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